Information about Gen Kit Exchange


About GKE

  Gen Kit Exchange is for soldiers and kit enthusiasts who spend too much time browsing kit online, who want a quick, reliable and hassle-free way to buy and sell personally owned military kit. 

  GKE is an easy-to-use online marketplace for listing and browsing kit that provides listing and purchasing capabilities in a trustworthy, military orientated environment.

  Unlike Facebook buy/sell groups, Gen Kit Exchange encompasses a safe trading platform, dependable sellers (comprising of manufacturers, retailers and individuals), that is founded by a serving soldier. This also includes impartial, down-to-earth, honest reviews from ex-serving and serving personnel called Kit Pest Reviews.

  It was created by myself, Alex Miller, a serving soldier. 

 How It Works

Simply list your kit for sale, and wait for someone to ask a question or purchase it. GKE takes 3% of the total sale of the item as a commission fee. This fee help us maintain the website, pay for advertising, and goes back into making sure you have a smooth GKE experience!

 If you have any suggestions or feedback then let us know! E-mail us at

We'd like to thank these people for pledging to our Kickstarter project and helping bring this project to life...

Stephen Davies, 
Martin Baldwin,
Shaun Clements,
Paul Lloyd,
Antonio Chukwuemeka Gelain,
Jake Turner,
Edwin Pickering,
Emily Clare,
Jane Miller
Karl Ballard,
Stephen A Hollingdale,
Hannah Colling,
Ash Nield,
Alex Dorward,
Daryl Groves,
Sam Mather,
Simon Theobald,
David Upton,
Tony Colby,
Ed Hodgson,
Dean Warrener,
Kane Pickering,
Jay Shae,
Klint Pickering,
Jack Morley,
Joanne Dobinson,
Ann Colling,
Lorraine Forster,
Laura Threadgill,
Liam Claven,
Sandra Jones,
Caroline Saunders,
Steve Pont,
J Jones,
Lynda Cook,
Tracey Gough,
Chloe Hunt,
Scott Thomson,
Paul Miller,  
And a big thank you to Odin Tactical for donating some ally kit for our competitions!
Thanks for your help, you're the best.

Stay Frosty - Alex